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Greetings to everyone, Several brilliant students did not get a chance for admission at medical colleges due to lack of active and efficient supervision despite their hard work and a strong desire to succeed. On January 2015, we are implementing a three step special program to help you reach your full potential.

1st step – Preparation
2nd step – Revision
3rd step – Model test

There is high degree of emphasis on the prescribed Intermediate textbooks (covering both former and concurrent syllabus books), and you will be expected to attend every lecture and study hard. We are taking a revolutionary and effective approach to the admission tests instead of the out-dated and prescribed methods offered by other institutions.

It is much easier to achieve good results in the current medical admission tests by following our guidelines. This is evidenced by many brilliant students from colleges all over Dhaka who achieved great success under our guidance.

You will have a chance to consult with former students who have gone through our program regarding admission criteria and college selections. We have a separate batch specifically highlighting the students who wish to prepare for Government Medical Colleges.

Hurry now to ensure your spot in our exclusive private program. We are here for you with our proven guides, and to help you achieve your goal to be a good doctor with the correct preparation. Your dreams WILL come true.

Thank you

We are promised to provide new & effective guideline for medical admission test. We follow the text books.

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